Saint-Germain-des-Prés District

While wandering the streets of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, you’ll likely notice it is a chic neighbourhood that is rich in history, culture and architecture.
Numerous literary legends and artists like James Baldwin, Jean-Paul Sartre, Hemingway, Picasso and Simone de Beauvoir spent their time here sipping on coffee and coming up with their next brilliant ideas. Some of the cafés you may also recognize, like the Brasserie Lipp, Café de Flore, and Les Deux Magots.
The district itself has a medieval charm to it and is filled with many divine restaurants. If you’re looking for somewhere to spend your day relaxing, indulging in local cuisine, and watching people pass by, Saint-Germain-des-Prés is the perfect place to be.

How to get there

  • Saint-Germain des prés station (logo de la 4)
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